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Free Tax Help is one of the most sought after types of assistance at the beginning of each year. I’ve prepared a list of 3 Steps to get the most assistance out of the IRS website based on my experience the past couple of years. When January 1st rolls around we start planning on Tax Time receiving our W2 Forms and any other Tax Documents, to enable us to qualify for as many Tax Deductions as possible. Having to deal with the IRS is a part of life in America. Reducing what we pay for Taxes is done through the use of allowable deductions. Minimizing Taxes is always important.

I’ve received hundreds of various questions related to different parts of the Tax Code. Some of the stories I’ve heard have been heart wrenching. When people have children, get divorced and end up disagreeing over who gets to claim the children, it’s a shame. More taxes are paid, fines must be paid, the Law is broken, all because they lacked proper Tax Planning Information. Reading these questions and answers can help.

Other questions are simple like “How much of my mileage can I write off driving to work” or “can I deduct clothing”. I’ve read every single one of the Questions anyone has ever left on this site and made a point to answer a large part of them. There has been circumstance such that I have even personally emailed and helped individuals where the damage for lack of IRS Tax Information would be great.

Check out my Free Tax Help Steps listed below.

Free Tax Help from is best obtained by doing the following 3 steps:

  1. Go to each of the 5 postings and scan all the way to the bottom, answers posted by me are listed as Admin. Many IRS questions are not grouped at this time so read all the way to the bottom. It’s important to check all 5 as they are not grouped and easy to scroll thru. The number of questions is listed at the top.
  2. Older questions are on top, newer on the bottom. Basic Tax law has not changed much in the past 2 years so the top irs questions and answers are still valid.
  3. If your question’s answer is not here then go to the IRS Questions home page and look for the posting with the least number of comments and add your question, this is where I look first. If you can include details that others may benefit from it is more likely I will put the time into researching and answering with specific links. Remember I want to help as many people as possible and at the same time focus my IRS Research to help you.

For cxtra attention:

  1. Be sincere and personal. This is what drives me to want to help you. Even though I look through the IRS site every few days, I think of how unorganized and difficult it can be to find things. It’s getting easier for me but that’s after very many IRS Related Searches. Also, I do not share your email with anyone.
  2. I answer all questions by name from me to you. So when you come back search for the name you used when posting your question. It’s also possible I’ve answered someone Else’s question and it also answers yours. If you do find an answer to your question here please comment and let others know.
  3. Remember this site exists not only from my good will but because of my sponsors. It’s possible they have the answers you are looking for if I do not. You can always come back to see new tax questions and answers as I learn and share more. In the future I’ll be adding video of me answering some key IRS Questions.
  4. Share my site with others by email, tweeting, stumbling, digg, face book or any other way. I would very much appreciate it and your friends may thank you for caring.

NOW for your ANWSERS, begin reading the comments here  IRS Questions and Answers Online .

As a final point, I am not a licensed CPA and I can not give legal advice. I am not giving “Legal Advice”. It is your responsibility to know the Law. I am simply taking the time to read your situation and look up, read and provide link to what I believe would be the best information I can find. I then summarize what in my opinion as a layman what the document says as a response on this website. This is no different than a friend looking up something for you. The final say must come from a licensed TAX Professional.

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