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Free Tax Help is one of the most sought after types of assistance at the beginning of each year. I’ve prepared a list of 3 Steps to get the most assistance out of the IRS website based on my experience the past couple of years. When January 1st rolls around we start planning on Tax Time receiving our W2 Forms and any other Tax Documents, to enable us to qualify for as many Tax Deductions as possible. Having to deal with the IRS is a part of life in America. Reducing what we pay for Taxes is done through the use of allowable deductions. Minimizing Taxes is always important.

I’ve received hundreds of various questions related to different parts of the Tax Code. Some of the stories I’ve heard have been heart wrenching. When people have children, get divorced and end up disagreeing over who gets to claim the children, it’s a shame. More taxes are paid, fines must be paid, the Law is broken, all because they lacked proper Tax Planning Information. Reading these questions and answers can help.

Other questions are simple like “How much of my mileage can I write off driving to work” or “can I deduct clothing”. I’ve read every single one of the Questions anyone has ever left on this site and made a point to answer a large part of them. There has been circumstance such that I have even personally emailed and helped individuals where the damage for lack of IRS Tax Information would be great.

Check out my Free Tax Help Steps listed below.

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If you have Questions about the IRS and Home Owners or Home Buyers this is the area to post your questions. I continue to get many questions about all sorts of IRS issues on my website and I’m happy to look them up and post the answers for all to see. The Official IRS Website is very difficult to make sense of some times and has errors on some of the pages.

I look up your tax questions, share my thoughts and provid direct links into the IRS Website for your specific IRS TAX related questions.

Remember, I am not the IRS. I am not a trained tax professional and do not give legal advice. It is your responsibility to know the Law.

Any questions or comments you leave on this site will be visible for all visitors to see. This way becomes a growing resource to help you find the proper links into the official IRS website.


IRS Questions regarding Dependents

I’m getting so many Questions about Dependents and if they can be claimed or not, I thought I’d set up a posting just for those kind of questions. Please leave your IRS Dependent question here and I’ll try to look it up as soon as possible. Please do not include any of your personal information […]

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Free Tax Help

Free Tax Help is what the doctor ordered for many Americans. When you find yourself over your head with your tax burden weighing down your potential income. Free Tax Help is the only alternative for many Americans. Without being able to afford a trained IRS Tax Professional then the only choice is to settle for […]

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IRS Questions – Online Now

IRS is now Online. We look forward to the accumulation of a great wealth of information to assist you with your IRS Questions regarding your Income Tax Return. I look forward to working with all of you to research and learn more about our beloved Internal Revenue Service. Face it, we all need all the […]

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IRS Tax Questions

IRS Tax Questions typically come in several types or categories: IRS Tax Forms related Questions IRS Tax Refund Questions Tax Law or Taxation Questions IRS EFile or Taxes Online type Questions IRS Back Taxes Questions IRS Tax Settlement or IRS Problem type Questions Each of these question regarding the IRS / Internal Revenue Service is […]

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